We want to get travelling and exploring as a reward and the next motivation for the work.
Incredible India!

Incredible India!

Is an official logo, perfectly characterizing this country. You will find it at each commercial materials and merchandising. Torn and contrasting Indi let a piece of curiousness in everyone.

Beautiful nature, unique sightseeing influenced by many religious, special kitchen but also wide social difference of people attract almost all travelers in the world to come and see and feel this unique country by self.

We are offering over 35 different packages with varions length of stay from 5 to 23 days, thematically and geographically divided; some additionally with visiting of Nepal. If you are interested in religios travelling, follow Christian or Muslim sightseeing. Lovers of relax might visit South India. Or try packages with exploring the nature, combined with yoga and meditation. The most courageous should follow our Czech and English speaking guide and feel the magic of being abackpacker (of course with the most accents to the safety). 

We also arrange packages according your individual needs and requests for groups of 4 to 25 travelers.

Prices are different according to the kind of the stay.

One-week package starts from 26.600 CZK/person.

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