We want to get travelling and exploring as a reward and the next motivation for the work.
Alaska - only active holiday

Alaska - only active holiday

Alaska offers an active holiday in any month of the year, but the best is to travel from July to October. Exciting watching of Kodiak and grizzly bears, Alaska sheep and wolfs, fishing of king and silver salmons on Kenai river, canoeing, trekking, hiking …

These are just few examples what Alaska offers. We also have a program, which includes the best and the most beautiful from Alaska by plane, train, bus and ship.

We start in the capital city Anchorage, from where we continue exploring the nature and see lions, seals and eagles. Next day is dedicated to the glacier which we reach by train and raft. Next days you visit National Park Katmai and watch nears, than visit village Seldovia where nest thousands of birds and of course the highest mountain of the North America - Mount Mc Kinley.

Detailed program of this 10-day holiday or any other program with any specified request (e.g. fishing) we send you upon request.

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