We want to get travelling and exploring as a reward and the next motivation for the work.

We visited

0. How to enjoy a business trip in cultural way in Berlin

Having a business trip in Berlin means to be prepared for plenty of leaflets, guides and recommendations in each hotel reception. All of them are saying where to have the best dinner and what is a must to see. So how to choose from 200 museums, chateaus and sightseeing when you come for 3 days only and...

1. Impossible to choose „the best“ hotel or restaurant in Dubai

Dubai is a synonym for the paradise for lovers of modern architecture and the exhibition of the luxury for common people. This is one-sentence description of number and variety of hotels, which are in Dubai.

2. Golf in Turkey is an addiction

I don’t know any active golf player who hasn’t tried at least one of the golf courses in Turkey. We tasted some of them for you and the result is – next year we are back in Turkey!

3. Israel – a country of everything

When someone asks me, where is my dream country, I answer immediately Israel. Saying this name of the country everyone image something else. There are two kind of people- those, who ever been there and imagine incredible historical places, smell of the spices and of something undefined, salty and more...

4. Taiwan and Vietnam – pioneers, scooters and tea…

Asia is not just Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Beijing with Shanghai. It seems that a lot of travellers forget countries, which we study at school about, but never come in the mind to travel there. For experienced traveller are these two countries very known by its culture, meals, smiles,...

5. What is the taste of a Slovak wine from Villa Modur

Slovak wine is produced in the southern part of Slovakia, which is divided into 6 wine-producing areas: Malokarpatska (Lesser Carpathian), Juhoslovenska (South Slovak), Nitrianska (Nitra), Stredoslovenska (Central Slovak), Vychodoslovenska (The East Slovak) and Tokajska (tokaj) wine regions. The largest...

6. The Netherlands – prolonged weekend is enough at the beginning

If you want to taste The Netherlands, you need just 3 days at the beginning.

7. An ideal relax for your employees

Loyal employee is satisfied and motivated employee. Prolonged weekend full of relaxation and regeneration or an intensive one-week relax stay are an ideal choice. We tasted Tree of Life**** spa resort in Lazne Belohrad and the hotel Thermia Palace ***** in the largest Slovak spa in Piestany.

8. Stay in a chateau Chateau Herálec = guarantee of the romance and recognition

Transfer yourself to a time of princes and princesses and enjoy a weekend full of romance, relaxing and discovering interesting places. We choose a chateau, where you find a luxury, romance and pampering. The chateau with its surrounding offers unforgettable moments to each couple staying there.

9. To quality golf courses to Slovakia

There are some tenths of 18-hole golf courses in Czech Republic. Their east neighbours have just few of them, but very interesting ones. We would like to introduce you two of them.